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What are CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are important software called closed-circuit television that ensures the security of spaces. Thanks to this software, the images taken from the cameras can be transmitted to certain televisions and the protection of the places seen by the cameras can be ensured. Especially with the development of technology, CCTV systems, which can now offer very high-definition broadcasts, have started to play an active role in the protection of many important places.

Especially preferred in areas such as banks, markets, airports, shops, houses, and entertainment centers, CCTV systems can record the movements of people living and transfer them to television. However, crimes, thefts, murders, and organized crimes can be better illuminated. So much so that when we look at the past years, we can see that crime rates have decreased considerably thanks to the developing camera systems. Thus, we live in a calmer and safer environment and we feel safer against dangers.

On the other hand, CCTV systems provide great benefits to people in terms of providing home security. CCTV systems, especially used with advanced software, greatly reduce the doubt in people, allowing them to continue their lives more comfortably. You can also benefit from developing technologies by using CCTV systems and making your life more peaceful.

How Does CCTV Systems Work

Camera systems are systems that continuously record a certain area and can transmit these images to the television, store, and move. At the same time, they can work with alarm systems and incorporate advanced software. In addition, they can play an effective role in the protection of many important places.

CCTV systems are generally activated after the cameras are connected to the control panel. The cameras are connected to each other and to the control panel by means of a network system. Each camera has its own IP address. In this way, the cameras become controllable after they are connected. So cameras don’t just give live images. After this stage, the cameras can store these images in addition to the live image, move actively and connect with alarm systems, and have many advanced features such as these.

In this way, CCTV systems can have an impact on events. For example, in a theft case, you can zoom in on the previously recorded image and examine the suspect’s face in detail. Likewise, when there is an attack on your house, you can present clear evidence to the police, and you can watch and record the dangerous people who are about to enter your store live on the camera.

What are CCTV Systems Used

CCTV systems are special camera systems used in important centers and many closed areas. Here are the areas where CCTV systems are used:

  • When recording what happened on public transport
  • When viewing events occurring in traffic
  • While trying to catch criminals and track down criminals
  • When examining work accidents and negative situations in daily life
  • CCTV systems are used when additional broadcasting in matches, sports events and shows such as theater.

What are the Technical Features of CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are special systems with complex technical structures. Specifications can generally vary depending on which camera type you prefer. Especially with the introduction of new technologies, many new features have been added to the cameras. Now the cameras can provide night vision by emitting infrared rays and additionally can be found more protected from attacks.

IP cameras can record live images and display them on your screen without the need for any converter. At the same time, many new features such as wired and wireless CCTV systems continue to be introduced to the market. You can choose whichever of these technical features suits you and integrate these CCTV systems into your center.

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