Card Access Systems

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What are Card Access Systems

Card pass systems, which are used in places with limited access and in places where entrances and exits need to be controlled, provide many conveniences to people in the modern age. Thanks to the cards that take up a very small space on us, places can be controlled more quickly and the employees of the enterprises can be followed better. In this way, businesses can both save time and reduce their expenses to a great extent.

Card access systems are special systems that allow you to pass through places such as turnstiles, doors, and obstacles placed at the entrance of a place in a simple way. Thanks to these systems, cards with specially developed chips can overcome these obstacles. If a person does not have a card, they cannot enter from these places and uncontrolled entrances and exits are prevented.

Card pass systems, which are used at the entrances of workplaces, schools, cafeterias, personnel entrances, doors of sections special for personnel, and many more, are actually used to track personnel and control people. These systems, which do not only limit the entrance of a place, can also control how many times the personnel enter and leave the place and whether they enter the place. This makes it much easier for employees to follow up.

How Do Card Access Systems Work

Access control systems work simply by means of small processors placed inside the cards. These processors contain information that will allow the person to enter a certain place. For example, the cards used in the cafeteria of a workplace contain the identity information of each person. Thus, others cannot use this card, and anyone who is not registered with the cafeteria cannot access this area.

With today’s technologies, the features of card access systems continue to develop. Thanks to these systems, which offer a wide range of data storage and reporting opportunities businesses, companies, and institutions can obtain a lot of information at the same time.

For example, by using card access systems, it can be determined how many times the person has used this card and in negative cases, these reports can be used as evidence. On the other hand, it can be learned whether the person is in the building at that time by looking at the entrance and exit information. Entry and exit information can clearly show what time the person entered the building, how many hours he stood there, and when he left. In case of any event, a list of people in the building can be made collectively and this information can be used effectively.

What is Card Access Systems Used

Card pass systems are quite common systems that we encounter everywhere we see turnstiles and doors. For example, this system can be used in dormitories and school entrances and exits. On the other hand, it is possible to see that card pass systems are used in workplaces where workers and personnel need to be followed. We know that card pass systems are also widely used in car park entrances and exits. In other words, we can say that the card pass system is active in most places where you see turnstiles, automatic doors, and obstacles.

What are the Technical Features of Card Access Systems

We can say that a card pass system is actually software with very simple technical features. For example, if card entry systems are to be integrated at the entrance of a building; First of all, a barrier should be placed on the entrance and exit of this building. Obstacles such as a turnstile or automatic door are the most basic obstacles for the card entry system to work. Then, the software is installed and all cards with access permission are recorded in the database. As soon as the software is integrated into the obstacle, the obstacle starts to open and close only with the cards and the order in the control center. Thus, the installation of this system is completed.

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