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We are BAS (Building Automation Systems) Engineering Company, a full service lowcurrent and building automation company. BAS Georgia is established by the cofounders of Netser Group and Turn-Key Solution LLC with a passion to tailor the latest technology solutions and products to the market with 30+ years experience in the sector.
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Fıre Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems have an important notification system consisting of two stages. They detect any fire that occurs in the building.


Camera systems are systems that continuously record a certain area and can transmit these images to the television, store, and move.

IT & Telecommunıcatıons

IT & Telecommunications solutions are important breakthroughs that enable businesses to work faster and more efficiently.

Buıldıng Automatıon Systems

Building automation systems are special systems that can be managed using advanced technology. These systems are created using specific software.

Energy Monıtorıng Projects

Many different tools and technological software (Meters, power units, energy meters) are used to measure your energy during energy monitoring.

Clean Room Systems

Hotel room management systems, which increase guest satisfaction and increase the security level of the interior, help us in many areas.
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