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What are Other Solutions

Other solutions, which we can also call complementary solutions, enable businesses to benefit from technology in many areas you can think of. With the technologies, we have developed in the field of telecommunications, data collection, and automation, you can make your company a faster working company.

You can ensure that the steps you take are more efficient, and you can increase your income in the best way by channeling your workforce to the right areas. By examining our other solutions, you can get help in the area you need and see with your own eyes how effective technologies affect our lives.

Under the name of other solutions, it covers many areas from television solutions to parking systems, from communication solutions to lighting systems, and from power supply solutions to communication systems. No matter what sector you are in, there is a complementary solution tailored for you. If you want to make your business faster and increase your customer satisfaction, you should take a look at all our solutions and discover our special systems.

Effectively controlling the barriers in your car park is among our other solutions. On the other hand, with our other solutions, it is possible to control the lighting, create special effects and satisfy customers at your invitations and collective events. You can access many more user-friendly features from our other solutions tab. Automotive, hospitality, industry, education, or entertainment. No matter what industry you are in, our company helps your business move forward and greatly increases your earnings.

How Do Other Solutions Work

With the simultaneous operation of many systems and software, our other solutions become smart tools that will work for you. You can adjust the lighting in your entire building with a single button, and you can adjust your product tracking more easily with barcode solutions. You can instantly follow the vehicles entering your car park and develop an automation system that instantly recognizes who is coming with a license plate reading system.

Thanks to the flexibility and accessibility features offered by our complementary solutions, it is possible to have software that is completely specific to your company. Just tell us the system your company needs. Thanks to our successful engineers and team, we help you in the field of other solutions and make your business life much easier, enabling you to stay ahead of your competitors.

We even offer the best communication solutions for companies working under difficult conditions and working underground. Apart from this, we are with you in important areas such as security and data collection, and we enable you to carry out these tasks easily. If you own a business and want to use the possibilities of technology, you are definitely in the right place!

What are Other Solutions Does

The usage area of our other solutions can cover all the businesses you see around you. For example, in a catering company, many features can be used, from our queue systems to our security systems, from our survey systems to our energy efficiency solutions. On the other hand, our parking systems, vehicle tracking services, UPS solutions and elevator communication systems can be used in hotels and shopping malls. All you have to do is to determine the service you need from our other solutions tab and send it to us. We develop your business and provide you with the most effective solutions, thanks to software that is unique to you.

What Are The Technical Features of Other Solutions

The technical features of our other solutions may vary depending on which area you are looking for a solution in. For example, special sensors in parking systems can recognize the license plate remotely, and barriers can be lifted automatically thanks to the software installed. On the other hand, queue systems work great in large centers with many customers. The system saves the order in the system and transmits it to various stations, and ensures that customers whose turn is regularly called. At the same time, this system can be integrated with announcement systems, making it a system with a much higher user experience.

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